Gameplay Programmer

Job description

At Hatchery Games gameplay programmers bring memorable creatures to life for the next generation of monster catcher. They work closely with game designers to create and prototype accessible systems to fulfill the needs of our players.



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About us

Hatchery Games is an independent video game development studio, located in Quebec City Canada. The studio is born from the passion of 4 experienced co-founders. We bring our expertise from both game and movie industry.

Our mission: “Create unique game experiences showcasing memorable creatures and monsters.”.

When you join Hatchery Games, you team up with a small group of talented individuals who are all creative and impactful developers regardless of their role. Every member of the team is indispensable to the realization and the direction of the game.

Help us revitalize the universe of the monster catcher and build the game that will leave its mark on the genre.